Miktoarm Star Polymers: From Basics of Branched Architecture to Synthesis, Self-assembly and Applications Editor: Ashok Kakkar

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20 Apr 2017
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The term ‘miktoarm polymers’ refers to asymmetric branched macromolecules, a relatively new entry to the macromolecular field. Recent advances in their synthesis and intriguing supramolecular chemistry in a desired medium has seen a fast expansion of their applications. The composition of miktoarm polymers can be tailored and even pre-defined to allow a desired combination of functions, meaning polymer chemists can have complete control of the overall architecture of these macromolecules. By carefully selecting the composition, they can create supramolecular structures with intriguing properties, particularly for applications in biology.
Miktoarm Star Polymers features chapters from experts actively working in this field, and provides the reader with a unique introduction to the fundamental principles of this exciting macromolecular system. Topics covered include the design, synthesis, characterization, self-assembly and applications of miktoarm polymers.
The book is an excellent overview and up to date guide to those working in research in polymer chemistry, materials science, and polymers for medical applications.

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