Ion Exchange: Theory and Practice: Edition 2 Author: C E Harland

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12 Jul 1994
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Ion Exchange, 2nd Edition is a totally revised and updated version of the highly popular Monograph for Teachers, first published by The Royal Society of Chemistry in 1975. It covers the practical application of ion exchange and the synthesis of organic ion exchange resins, which have spanned nearly 60 years of development since the pioneering work of Adams and Holmes in 1935. This book covers the theory, development, and application in considerable detail and describes the history of development of ion exchange materials and the advances in their utilization in industrial processes. Key applications in such areas as water purification, hydrometallurgy, and chromatography are described and supported by chapters on the related scientific fundamentals governing equilibria and kinetics of ion exchange.

Twenty-two experiments using inexpensive equipment are detailed, which not only complement a chapter dedicated to the characterization of organic exchangers, but also serve to illustrate several other pure and applied principles related to ion exchange phenomena.

It is anticipated that the unique inclusion of experiments and the broad coverage of the whole text should appeal to a wide readership and offer particular relevance to practitioners in schools, colleges, and industry.

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