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Issue 5, 2019
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Efficient X-ray scintillating lead(ii)-based MOFs derived from rigid luminescent naphthalene motifs

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Solid-state X-ray scintillators are widely applied in medical imaging and space exploration. However, it is still a great challenge to probe into the intrinsic nature of scintillating behaviour due to the ambiguous structure–function relationship. Herein, four structure-defined X-ray scintillating Pb(II)-based metal–organic frameworks (SMOFs) were successfully obtained under solvothermal conditions, [Pb(1,4-ndc)(DMF)]n (SMOF-1), [Pb(1,4-ndc)(DMA)]n (SMOF-2), [Pb2(2,6-ndc)2(H2O)]n·nDMF (SMOF-3) and [Pb4(2,6-ndc)3Cl2]n (SMOF-4), where 1,4-H2ndc = 1,4-naphthalene dicarboxylate, 2,6-H2ndc = 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate, DMF = N,N-dimethylformamide, and DMA = N,N-dimethylacetamide. SMOFs 1–4 show scintillating signals under X-rays triggered by a highly purified tungsten target. Compared with SMOFs 1–3, SMOF-4 exhibits excellent scintillating performance owing to its solvent-free and denser structure, which favours more efficient conversion ability of X-rays to visible light. X-ray stimulated luminescence (XSL) spectra present multiple emission peaks, which is further confirmed by wavelength-dependent luminescence spectra under UV-Vis light, and density of state and DFT calculations. The synergistic effects of heavy metal Pb(II) centres as effective X-ray absorbers and organic ligands as luminescent motifs endow these Pb(II)-based MOFs with application prospects in X-ray detection.

Graphical abstract: Efficient X-ray scintillating lead(ii)-based MOFs derived from rigid luminescent naphthalene motifs

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19 Nov 2018
23 Dec 2018
First published
26 Dec 2018

Dalton Trans., 2019,48, 1722-1731
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Efficient X-ray scintillating lead(II)-based MOFs derived from rigid luminescent naphthalene motifs

J. Lu, X. Xin, Y. Lin, S. Wang, J. Xu, F. Zheng and G. Guo, Dalton Trans., 2019, 48, 1722
DOI: 10.1039/C8DT04587A

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