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The preparation, structure and luminescent properties of Mg-CaCO3:Eu3+ phosphors


Mg-CaCO3:Eu3+ phosphors with various initial magnesium ion concentration were successfully synthesized by a simple carbonation method without using any surfactant, catalyst, or template. It is indicated that the different contents of magnesium ions in calcite plays a crucial role in the morphology, structure, and the luminescence properties. The morphologies of Mg-CaCO3:Eu3+ phosphors vary from spindle, dendritic, coral-like, micron-flower-like to finally club-like by adjusting initial magnesium ion mole percentage. The modified titration experiment indicates that not all of the magnesium ions have lattice substitutions. In addition, the photoluminescent properties and lifetimes of Eu3+ ions change with the morphological and structural changes of the Mg-CaCO3:Eu3+ crystal, which was analyzed by Judd Ofelt theory. Furthermore, temperature is also attributed to a significant factor for the variation properties of Mg-CaCO3:Eu3+ phosphors. Finally, the crystal structure ball-and-stick model of Mg-CaCO3:Eu3+ phosphors has been built and the possible mechanism of action has been analyzed. This study provides an idea for the preparation of new hetero ions phosphors.

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28 Nov 2020
10 Jan 2021
First published
13 Jan 2021

CrystEngComm, 2021, Accepted Manuscript
Article type

The preparation, structure and luminescent properties of Mg-CaCO3:Eu3+ phosphors

H. Wang, Y. Wang, Q. Zhao, X. Zhou, H. Zou, Y. Song and Y. Sheng, CrystEngComm, 2021, Accepted Manuscript , DOI: 10.1039/D0CE01737J

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