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Dynamic corrosion behavior of superhydrophobic surfaces


For superhydrophobic surfaces immersed in water, a thin layer of air could be entrapped in the solid/liquid interface. This air may hinder the diffusion of dissolved corrosive species (such as Cl ions in water) to the metallic substrate and, consequently, protect the metal from corrosion. However, in the dynamic water, the relative motion between the solid and the liquid would labilize the entrapped air and, consequently, decrease the corrosion resistance. In this work, to clarify the role of water flow velocity in such corrosion behavior, a superhydrophobic surface on aluminum substrates coded as Al–HCl–H2O–BT–SA was prepared by sequential treatment with HCl, boiling water, bis-(γ-triethoxysilylpropyl)-tetrasulfide (KH-Si69, BT) and stearic acid (SA). The contrast samples coded as Al–HCl–BT–SA, Al–HCl–H2O–SA, and Al–HCl–SA were also prepared similarly by omitting the treatment in boiling-water, the BT passivation, and the treatment in boiling-water/passivation by BT, respectively. These samples were then immersed into an aqueous solution of NaCl with different flow velocity (0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 m s−1), and its dynamic corrosion behavior was investigated. The results showed that, as the flow velocity increased, the corrosion resistance of the Al–HCl–H2O–BT–SA sample indeed deteriorated. However, compared with the contrast samples of Al–HCl–BT–SA, Al–HCl–H2O–SA, and Al–HCl–SA, the deterioration in corrosion resistance for the Al–HCl–H2O–BT–SA sample was much lower, implying that the dynamic corrosion resistance of the superhydrophobic surfaces was closely related with the micro-structures and the organic passivated layers. The present study therefore provided a fundamental understanding for the applications of superhydrophobic samples to prevent the corrosion, especially, for various vessels in dynamic water.

Graphical abstract: Dynamic corrosion behavior of superhydrophobic surfaces

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17 Jun 2018
27 Jul 2018
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20 Aug 2018
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RSC Adv., 2018,8, 29201-29209

Dynamic corrosion behavior of superhydrophobic surfaces

C. Q. Li, M. Y. Zhu, J. F. Ou, Y. L. Lu, F. J. Wang and W. Li, RSC Adv., 2018, 8, 29201 DOI: 10.1039/C8RA05200J

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