Issue 5, 2014

Magnetic manipulation of bacterial magnetic nanoparticle-loaded neurospheres


Specific targeting of cells to sites of tissue damage and delivery of high numbers of transplanted cells to lesion tissue in vivo are critical parameters for the success of cell-based therapies. Here, we report a promising in vitro model system for studying the homing of transplanted cells, which may eventually be applicable for targeted regeneration of damaged neurons in spinal cord injury. In this model system, neurospheres derived from human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells labeled with bacterial magnetic nanoparticles were guided by a magnetic field and successfully accumulated near the focus site of the magnetic field. Our results demonstrate the effectiveness of using an in vitro model for testing bacterial magnetic nanoparticles to develop successful stem cell targeting strategies during fluid flow, which may ultimately be translated into in vivo targeted delivery of cells through circulation in various tissue-repair models.

Graphical abstract: Magnetic manipulation of bacterial magnetic nanoparticle-loaded neurospheres

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30 Sep 2013
21 Feb 2014
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26 Feb 2014

Integr. Biol., 2014,6, 532-539