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Synthetic Reaction Updates is a literature updating service keeping you up to date with recent developments in synthetic organic chemistry. Covering a wide range of primary sources, Synthetic Reaction Updates includes the most important reactions published in the recent scientific literature, presented as easy to read reaction schemes that are searchable by topic and reaction type. Subscribers can set up personalised searches and receive alerts of the latest developments directly via email.

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Sample reactions

Dual role of H2O2 in palladium-catalyzed dioxygenation of terminal alkenes

Jiuzhong Huang, Jianxiao Li, Jia Zheng, Wanqing Wu, Weigao Hu, Lu Ouyang, Huanfeng Jiang

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Catalytic conjugate addition of electron-rich heteroarenes to β,β-disubstituted enones

Tanner L. Metz, Joshua Evans, Levi M. Stanley

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