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Isolation and structure elucidation by LC-DAD-MS and LC-DAD-SPE-NMR of cyclopeptide alkaloids from the roots of Ziziphus oxyphylla and evaluation of their antiplasmodial activity

Emmy Tuenter, Rizwan Ahmad, Kenn Foubert, Adnan Amin, Maria Orfanoudaki, Paul Cos, Louis Maes, Sandra Apers, Luc Pieters, Vassiliki Exarchou

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Euphorbia dendroides latex as a source of jatrophane esters: isolation, structural analysis, conformational study, and anti-CHIKV activity

Mélissa Esposito, Louis-Félix Nothias, Hirsto Nedev, Jean-François Gallard, Pieter Leyssen, Pascal Retailleau, Jean Costa, Fanny Roussi, Bogdan I. Iorga, Julien Paolini, Marc Litaudon

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