Laboratory Hazards Bulletin is a literature updating service providing information on safety measures, potential hazards and new legislation affecting laboratory workers in all fields, including R&D, analytical and hospital laboratories. Covering a wide range of primary literature sources, including key scientific and trade journals, Laboratory Hazards Bulletin includes details of relevant literature presented as searchable records.

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Sample articles

A case history of requalifying an older laboratory hood for use.

L. C. Cadwallader and R. J. Pawelko

Hazards associated with laboratory scale hydrogenations.

T. Chandra and J. P. Zebrowski

Evaluation of safety climate at a major public university.

J. E. Steward, V. L. Wilson and W. H. Wang

Baseline survey on the implementation of laboratory chemical safety, health and security within health faculties laboratories at Universitas Indonesia.

F. Lestari, Budiawan, M. L. Kurniawidjaja and B. Hartono

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