Laboratory Hazards Bulletin is a literature updating service providing information on safety measures, potential hazards and new legislation affecting laboratory workers in all fields, including R&D, analytical and hospital laboratories. Covering a wide range of primary literature sources, including key scientific and trade journals, Laboratory Hazards Bulletin includes details of relevant literature presented as searchable records.

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Sample articles

Effect of small vent area on a small-scale methane-air explosion.

K. Zhang, Z. Wang, S. Wang and J. Jiang

Lead (Pb) induced ATM-dependent mitophagy via PINK1/Parkin pathway.

X. Gu, Y. Qi, Z. Feng, L. Ma, K. Gao and Y. Zhang

Neurotrophins and cholinergic enzyme regulated by calpain-2: New insights into neuronal apoptosis induced by polybrominated diphenyl ether-153.

H. Zhang, X. Yang, H. Zhang, X. Li, Z. Zhang, L. Hou, Z. Wang, Q. Niu and T. Wang

Perfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS) affect neither estrogen and androgen receptor activity nor steroidogenesis in human cells in vitro.

A.-C. Behr, D. Lichtenstein, A. Braeuning, A. Lampen and T. Buhrke

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