Chemical Hazards in Industry is a literature updating service providing information on safety and health hazards surrounding chemicals encountered in chemical and related industries, including topics such as health and safety, chemical and biological hazards, plant safety, legislation, protective equipment and storage. Covering a wide range of primary literature sources, including key scientific and trade journals, Chemical Hazards in Industry includes details of relevant literature presented as searchable records.

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Sample articles

Green remediation of sulfide in oxidative dehairing of skin and correlation by mathematical model: An eco-friendly approach.

J. Kanagaraj, R. C. Panda and T. Senthilvelan

Bisphenol A, bisphenol S, and 4-hydro xyphenyl 4-isopro oxyphenyl sulfone (BPSIP) in urine and blood of cashiers.

K. A. Thayer, K. W. Taylor, S. Garantziotis, S. H. Schurman, G. E. Kissling, D. Hunt, B. Herbert, R. Church, R. Jankowich, M. I. Churchwell, R. C. Scheri, L. S. Birnbaum and J. R. Bucher

Osmotic membrane bioreactor for phenol biodegradation under continuous operation.

P. Praveen and K. C. Loh

Formaldehyde level in anatomy laboratory teaching room and risk for cancer.

B. Joob and V. Wiwanitkit

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