Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions was discontinued in 2014 and replaced by Synthetic Reaction Updates. The historical content of Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions is available to Synthetic Reaction Updates subscribers.


Each monthly issue of Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions contained around 200 graphical abstracts selected from key journals in the field, covering all areas of catalysis research including homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, biocatalysis, and kinetic and theoretical studies. The online database is fully searchable and indexed by reaction class, catalyst type, reactant, product, catalyst, journal and author.

Information provided by Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions

Each record provides a redrawn reaction scheme with full bibliographic information for the original article. There are also direct links to the publisher’s website where the full text of the article can be found. Bibliographic information can be imported into citation management programs, and the reaction schemes downloaded.

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