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Analytical Abstracts is a literature updating service keeping you informed of the latest developments in analytical science. Covering a wide range of literature sources from 1980 to the present day, Analytical Abstracts includes details of the most relevant literature presented as individual records that are easily searchable by analyte, matrix, technique and subject area. Subscribers can set up personalised searches and receive alerts of the latest developments directly via email.

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Recent trends in nanomaterial-modified electrodes for electroanalytical applications

Nadeem Baig, Muhammad Sajid, Tawfik A. Saleh

TrAC, Trends Anal. Chem., 2019, 111, 47 - 61

Full text:

Identification of transformation/degradation products of tetrabromobisphenol A and its...

Aifeng Liu, Zongshan Zhao, Guangbo Qu, Zhaoshuang Shen, Xiangfeng Liang, Jianbo Shi, Guibing Jiang

TrAC, Trends Anal. Chem., 2019, 111, 85 - 99

Full text:

Liquid chromatographic analysis of selenium species in plant materials

Krystyna Pyrzynska, Aleksandra Sentkowska

TrAC, Trends Anal. Chem., 2019, 111, 128 - 138

Full text:

Endogenous and microbial volatile organic compounds in cutaneous health and disease

Emer Duffy, Aoife Morrin

TrAC, Trends Anal. Chem., 2019, 111, 163 - 172

Full text:

Green analytical chemistry: Social dimension and teaching

Aleksandra Kurowska-Susdorf, Marcin Zwierżdżyński, Anita Martinović Bevanda, Stanislava Talić, Anita Ivanković, Justyna Płotka-Wasylka

TrAC, Trends Anal. Chem., 2019, 111, 185 - 196

Full text:

Water-dispersed luminescent quantum dots for miRNA detection

Olga A. Goryacheva, Anastasiya S. Novikova, Daniil D. Drozd, Pavel S. Pidenko, Tatiana S. Ponomaryeva, Artem A. Bakal, Pradyumna K. Mishra, Natalia V. Beloglazova, Irina Yu. Goryacheva

TrAC, Trends Anal. Chem., 2019, 111, 197 - 205

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