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Quantitative determination of chromium picolinate in animal feeds by solid phase...

Miaomiao Han, Ying Tian, Zhen Li, Yiqiang Chen, Wenjun Yang, Liying Zhang

J. Chromatogr. B, 2017, 1070, 37 - 42

Full text:

A new reliable, transposable and cost-effective assay for absolute quantification of...

Rachel Legeron, Fabien Xuereb, Stephane Chaignepain, Alain-Pierre Gadeau, Stephane Claverol, Jean-William Dupuy, Sarah Djabarouti, Thierry Couffinhal, Jean-Marie Schmitter, Dominique Breilh

J. Chromatogr. B, 2017, 1070, 43 - 53

Full text:

Determination of benzotriazoles and benzothiazoles in human urine by UHPLC-TQMS

Jiufeng Li, Hongzhi Zhao, Yanqiu Zhou, Shunqing Xu, Zongwei Cai

J. Chromatogr. B, 2017, 1070, 70 - 75

Full text:

Quantification of isoflavonoids and triterpene saponins in Astragali Radix, the root of...

Seung-Min Lee, Ji-Seon Jeong, Ha-Jeong Kwon, Seon-Pyo Hong

J. Chromatogr. B, 2017, 1070, 76 - 81

Full text:

An UHPLC–MS/MS method for simultaneous quantification of human amyloid beta peptides...

Ping-ping Lin, Wei-li Chen, Fei Yuan, Lei Sheng, Yu-jia Wu, Wei-wei Zhang, Guo-qing Li, Hong-rong Xu, Xue-ning Li

J. Chromatogr. B, 2017, 1070, 82 - 91

Full text:

An UPLC-MS/MS method for quantifying tetrandrine and its metabolite berbamine in human...

Guangyi Yang, Chenning Zhang, Pei Hu, Meiling Zhu, Ming Hu, Song Gao

J. Chromatogr. B, 2017, 1070, 92 - 96

Full text:

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