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Encompassing all aspects of synthetic and biological macromolecules, and related emerging areas
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Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00842E, Review Article
The increasing level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is a big threat to the environment and plays a key role towards global warming and climate change. In this...
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00889A, Paper
Highly monodisperse PMMA microspheres covered with thermo-responsive shell were synthesized in a single step by means of photoinitiated RAFT dispersion polymerization at room temperature. Thermo-responsive Macro-RAFT agents (P(mPEGA-co-MEA)-TTCs) with different...
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00703H, Paper
A simple and novel synthetic route toward core-shell polymeric particles via surface-initiated cycloketyl radical mediated living polymerization (CMP) is presented. Cross-linked polymaleic anhydride/isoprene particles (CPMIP) prepared by self-stable precipitation polymerization...
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00782H, Paper
We report the development and use of a new type of side chains, branched alkyl esters, for donor-acceptor polymers. The synthesis of the branched alkyl ester side chain precursors is...
Minjie Tang, Zheng Yang, Zujian Feng, Junhui Zhou, Jinjian Liu, Jianfeng Liu, Weiwei Wang, Junqiang Zhao, Anjie Dong and Liandong Deng
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00734H, Paper
The ability to tune the degradation rate of biodegradable polymer, which can achieve precise spatiotemporal control of drug delivery, is of considerable interest for biomedical applications. In this study, a...
Ozcan Altintas, Thomas Josse, Julien De Winter, Nicholas M. Matsumoto, Pascal Gerbaux, Manfred Wilhelm and Christopher Barner-Kowollik
Polym. Chem., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY01048A, Communication
Bromine end-groups of ATRP polystyrenes were converted into terminal alkene groups via a facile synthetic strategy. Subsequently, a light-induced radical thiol–ene reaction was employed for the functionalization of the terminal double bonds.
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00945F, Paper
Brominated oligothiophene with a branched structure was subjected to deprotonative metalation with the bulky magnesium amide chloromagnesium 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-2-yl lithium chloride salt ( TMPMgCl·LiCl ), which is recognized as Knochel-Hauser base....
Polym. Chem., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00962F, Paper
A simple and versatile route for making functional biodegradable amphiphilic conetworks (APCNs) with unique swelling property and excellent enzymatic degradability is presented. The APCNs were made by radical ring-opening copolymerization of cyclic ketene acetal and vinyl cyclopropane derivative.
Polym. Chem., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00753D, Paper
Supramolecular hydrogels with macroscopic interfacial healing behavior were obtained through helical complexation by amylose in vine-twining polymerization using poly(γ-glutamic acid-graft-ε-caprolactone), which were further converted into cryo- and ion gels.
Polym. Chem., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00953G, Paper
An important development of TRPTC-based ICAR ATRP for metal catalyst separation and recycling in an aqueous/organic biphasic system was achieved with alkyl halide as the initiator for the first time.
Polym. Chem., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY01041A, Paper
Seeded RAFT polymerization based on AB diblock copolymer nanoparticles is performed, and multicompartment nanoparticles of ABC triblock terpolymer are prepared.
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00939A, Communication
Incorporating monomers into sequence-defined synthetic macromolecules endows them to mimic nature that results in key residues being anchored in the molecular recognition pattern. Developing controlled carbohydrate sequences has a critical...
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY01045D, Communication
Iron catalyst is a charming catalyst in atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) owing to its abundancy, low toxicity and good biocompatibility. However, recycling of iron catalyst has still been a...
Zefeng Song, Xin He, Chengqiang Gao, Habib Khan, Pengfei Shi and Wangqing Zhang
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY01065A, Paper
Asymmetrical vesicles constructed with two diblock copolymers of poly(ethylene glycol)-b-polystyrene (PEG-b-PS) and poly(4-vinylpyridine)-b-polystyrene (P4VP-b-PS) were prepared through the in situ synthesis strategy of the two macro-RAFT agents co-mediated dispersion polymerization....
Tobias Kuhnt, Andreas Herrmann, Daniel Benczedi, E. Johan Foster and Christoph Weder
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00944H, Paper
The desire to extend the release time of highly volatile scents has led to the development of different types of fragrance release systems. We here report a new family of...
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00935A, Paper
Alkyl and tertiary amine functionalized alpha-methyl styrene (AMS) monomers have been synthesized via reactive coupling of 3-isopropenyl-α,α-dimethylbenzyl isocyanate (TMI) with primary amines. Primary amines utilized include hexylamine, octadecylamine and N,N-dimethylethylenediamine...
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00921A, Paper
Reversible deactivation radical polymerization (RDRP) of 2-hydroxyethyl acrylate in D2O with Cu(0) wire mediation and with two-step Cu(0) in situ mediation was investigated. The concentration of active species on the...
Polym. Chem., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00923E, Paper
A novel micro-patterned poly(AHMA) brush was prepared by a combination of photolithography and interface mediated RAFT polymerization for DNA hybridization. By this method, highly resolved micro-patterned polymer brush structures down to [similar]2.0 μm lines were obtained.
Zhihai Cao, Chang Xu, Lihua Liang, Zujin Zhao, Bin Chen, Zhijie Chen, Hangnan Chen, Gan Qu, Dongming Qi, Guorong Shan and Ulrich Ziener
Polym. Chem., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY01098E, Paper
A green miniemulsion-based technique for preparing polymeric aggregation-induced emission nanoparticles was described.
Polym. Chem., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY01040C, Paper
Polyesters are efficiently prepared from ROCOP of PA and epoxides with [OSSO]CrX/Lewis base binary catalyst. The VCHO-derivatized polyesters can be functionalized by a thiol-ene reaction.
Polym. Chem., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00777A, Review Article
We summarize the recent advances in the modification of graphene with polymers and the synthesis and applications of high quality graphene–polymer nanocomposites.
Ming Su, Sheng-Yu Shi, Qian Wang, Na Liu, Jun Yin, Chunhua Liu, Yunsheng Ding and Zong-Quan Wu
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00988J, Paper
Design and synthesis of highly water-soluble conjugated block copolymers with multi-responsive properties are of great interesting due to their potentials as solution processable semiconductor materials. Herein, we report on one-pot...
Xiwen Li, Hua Li, Yongye Zhao, Xiaoying Tang, Sufang Ma, Bing Gong and Minfeng Li
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00762C, Communication
Highly stable and polymerizable δ-valerolactones bearing oligo(ethylene glycol) methyl ether functionalities are facilely prepared by alkylphosphine catalyzed thiol-ene addition with an exocyclic α, β-unsaturated δ-valerolactone. The functionalized lactones undergo efficient...
Runli Tang, Hong Chen, Shengmin Zhou, Bin-Wen Liu, Dong Gao, Huiyi Zeng and Zhen Li
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00961H, Paper
Two linear polymers (P1, P2) and one dendronized hyperbranched polymer (P3) were designed and synthesized, by utilizing an “X” type dendrimer as the basic construction block, which contained five nitro-based...
Polym. Chem., 2015, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C5PY00804B, Paper
Two novel polymers PDPP3T-CN and PDPPTPT-CN containing nitrile-substituted thienyl and phenyl units were designed and synthesized. The influence of nitrile groups on the electronic properties and charge-carrier transport of the...

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