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The Handbook of Medicinal Chemistry : Principles and Practice

Editors: Andrew Davis, Simon E Ward

Publication Details

Print publication date: 09 Dec 2014
Copyright: 2015
Print ISBN: 978-1-84973-625-1
PDF eISBN: 978-1-78262-183-6


Drug discovery is a constantly developing and expanding area of research. Developed to provide a comprehensive guide, the Handbook of Medicinal Chemistry covers the past, present and future of the entire drug development process. Highlighting the recent successes and failures in drug discovery, the book helps readers to understand the factors governing modern drug discovery from the initial concept through to a marketed medicine. With chapters covering a wide range of topics from drug discovery processes and optimization, development of synthetic routes, pharmaceutical properties and computational biology, the handbook aims to enable medicinal chemists to apply their academic understanding to every aspect of drug discovery.

Each chapter includes expert advice to not only provide a rigorous understanding of the principles being discussed, but to provide useful hints and tips gained from within the pharmaceutical industry. This expertise, combined with project case studies, highlighting and discussing all areas of successful projects, make this an essential handbook for all those involved in pharmaceutical development.

A free iPad app has been created in collaboration with the editors of the book. The Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit provides a suite of resources to support the day to day work of a medicinal chemist. Search for "Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit."

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This book contains 753 pages.

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