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RNA Helicases

Editor: Eckhard Jankowsky

Publication Details

Print publication date: 01 Jul 2010
Copyright: 2010
Print ISBN: 978-1-84755-914-2
PDF eISBN: 978-1-84973-221-5


RNA helicases and RNA helicase-like proteins are the largest group of enzymes in eukaryotic RNA metabolism and although they are subject to intense ongoing research there is much confusion about function and classification of these enzymes. Although these enzymes are essential for virtually all processes involving RNA, there is no overview detailing structure, function and/or biological roles of these pivotal proteins. This book provides the first comprehensive and systematic overview of biology, mechanism, and structure of RNA helicases and RNA helicase-like enzymes. Research into RNA helicases takes place in many different fields from cell and developmental biology to mechanistic enzymology, and structural biology and this book integrates the knowledge of these diverse fields into one valuable resource. It also provides an informative overview on the entire group of enzymes. Individual chapters on each subfamily of RNA helicases and RNA helicase-like proteins are written by experts in the respective fields. All chapters are systematically integrated and the reader is guided by a didactic introductory chapter. The main strengths of the book are the combination of systematics and details that will allow the reader to gain insight into results from diverse fields while maintaining a view of the entire field. It will be a key reference for academics, advanced students, researchers and professionals working in or joining this field.

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This book contains 302 pages.