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Chemometrics in Analytical Spectroscopy : Edition 2

Author: Mike J Adams

Publication Details

Print publication date: 09 Feb 2004
Copyright: 2004
Print ISBN: 978-0-85404-595-2
PDF eISBN: 978-1-84755-048-4


Chemometrics in Analytical Spectroscopy 2nd Edition provides a tutorial approach to the development of chemometric techniques and their application to the interpretation of analytical spectroscopic data. From simple descriptive statistics to the more sophisticated modelling techniques of principal components analysis and partial least squares regression, this updated edition provides necessary background, enhanced by case studies. The extensive use of worked examples throughout gives Chemometrics in Analytical Spectroscopy 2nd Edition special relevance in teaching and introducing chemometrics to undergraduates and post-graduates. The book is also ideal for analysts with little specialist background. Extracts from reviews of 1st Edition: "Adams has succeeded in providing a text which is focused on analytical spectroscopy and that gently guides the reader through the concepts without recourse to too much matrix algebra." Trends in Analytical Chemistry "...a very good introductory text for those wishing to understand the workings of chemometrics techniques." The Analyst

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This book contains 238 pages.