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Analytical Measurement Terminology : Handbook of Terms used in Quality Assurance of Analytical Measurement

Author: Elizabeth Prichard Editor: Peter Bedson

Publication Details

Print publication date: 25 May 2001
Copyright: 2001
Print ISBN: 978-0-85404-443-6
PDF eISBN: 978-1-84755-928-9


The variety of complex terms used in the Quality Assurance aspect of analytical measurement can be the cause of considerable confusion. This unique handbook explains the most widely-used terminology in language that is readily understood, and attempts to place each term in context. Concepts are described in a way that is useful to all practitioners, particularly those concerned with quality assurance, validation and reliability of analytical measurements. Explanations of terms are always in line with the "official definition", often developed by international committees. Adopting a thematic approach, Analytical Measurement Terminology is divided into six main parts. The first four parts address the logical progression of an analytical measurement, from obtaining a sample, through method and materials, to reporting the result. The two remaining parts include a variety of terms encountered in quality systems and documentation, along with definitions of "mathematical" terms likely to be encountered by the analyst in their everyday work. The index provides easy access to both the definitions and the accompanying examples. With its straightforward descriptions and many examples, this handbook, produced as part of the VAM (Valid Analytical Measurement) programme, will provide valuable assistance for a wide variety of new and experienced practitioners, as well as for teachers and lecturers.

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This book contains 86 pages.