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Handbook of Chalcogen Chemistry : New Perspectives in Sulfur, Selenium and Tellurium

Publication Details

Print publication date: 11 Dec 2006
Copyright: 2007
Print ISBN: 978-0-85404-366-8
PDF eISBN: 978-1-84755-757-5


The Handbook of Chalcogen Chemistry: New Perspectives in Sulfur, Selenium and Tellurium provides an overview of recent developments, particularly from the last decade, on the chemistry of the chalcogen group elements (S, Se and Te).

While up to a few decades ago, chalcogen chemistry was mainly centred on sulphur, in recent years the research based on Se and Te has increased dramatically, and has created huge scope for the use of compounds based on this type of chemistry.

This book is organised into two parts, the first of which deals systematically with the chemistry of chalcogens in relation to other group elements in the periodic table.  It also includes an overview of metal-chalcogenides and metal-polychalcogenides.  The second part reflects the interdisciplinary nature of chalcogen chemistry and focuses on biological, materials and supramolecular aspects of the field. 

This book gives a comprehensive overview on recent developments over the last decade and is ideal for researchers in the field.