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Physics and Chemistry of Ice

Editor: Werner Kuhs

Publication Details

Print publication date: 08 May 2007
Copyright: 2007
Print ISBN: 978-0-85404-350-7
PDF eISBN: 978-1-84755-777-3


Physics and Chemistry of Ice is an authoritative summary of state-of the-art research contributions from the world's leading scientists. A key selection of submissions from the 11th International Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Ice, 2006 are presented here with a foreword by Werner F. Kuhs. An invaluable resource, this book provides researchers and professionals with up-to-date coverage on a wide range of areas in ice science including: * Spectroscopic and diffraction studies * Molecular dynamics simulations * Studies of Ice Mechanics * Quantum mechanical ab initio calculations * Ice and hydrate crystal growth and inhibition studies * Bulk and surface properties of ice and gas hydrates * Snow physics and chemistry This insight into topical aspects of ice research is a key point of reference for physicists, chemists, glaciologists, cryo-biologists and professionals working in the fields of ice and hydrogen bonding.

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This book contains 718 pages.