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Fullerenes : Principles and Applications : Edition 2

Editors: Fernando Langa De La Puente, Jean-Francois Nierengarten

Publication Details

Print publication date: 04 Nov 2011
Copyright: 2011
Print ISBN: 978-1-84973-136-2
PDF eISBN: 978-1-84973-295-6


The discovery of caged carbon structures, in 1985, established a whole new field of carbon chemistry.  Unlike graphite and diamond, these structures known as fullerenes are finite in structure and are relevant to a wide variety of fields including supramolecular assemblies, nanostructures, optoelectronic devices and a whole range of biological activities.

Fullerenes: Principles and Applications discusses all aspects of this exciting field.  Sections include: the basic principles for the chemical reactivity of fullerenes, electrochemistry, light induced processes, fullerenes for material sciences, fullerenes and solar cells, biological applications and multifunctional carbon nanotube materials.   Written by leading experts in the field the book summarises the basic principles of fullerene chemistry but also highlights some of the most remarkable advances that have occurred in recent years. 

Fullerenes: Principles and Applications will appeal to researchers in both academia and industry.

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This book contains 650 pages.