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Industrial Polymer Applications : Essential Chemistry and Technology

Author: William R Ashcroft

Publication Details

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Print publication date: 23 Sep 2016
Copyright: 2017
Print ISBN: 978-1-78262-814-9


Industrial Polymer Applications provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse properties and applications of thermoset and thermoplastic polymer technologies used routinely in the modification, protection, repair, restoration and bonding of the main classes of industrial engineering materials such as concrete, masonry, wood, metal, rubber, plastic, glass and advanced ceramics.

The Author, with extensive industrial experience in the design and development of polymeric adhesives, composites, concrete repair and industrial coatings materials, provides a balanced perspective of the essential chemistries and technologies for each of the relevant polymeric solutions. This book includes explanations as to why polymers are needed and the specific problems and key industrial application challenges that can be overcome for each class of engineering material. The use of supplementary information boxes, suggestions for further reading, and supportive appendices including worked examples delivers an easy to understand guide of relevant industrial applications of polymers.

Written in an accessible way, the book provides a supplementary text for undergraduates, postgraduates and industrialists who have studied or are involved in chemistry, polymer chemistry, industrial chemistry, materials science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering or corrosion engineering, science and technology.

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This book contains 221 pages.