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Biocatalysis: An Industrial Perspective Editors: Gonzalo de Gonzalo, Pablo Domínguez de María

About this book

Implementing biocatalytic strategies in an industrial setting at a commercial scale is a challenging task, necessitating a balance between industrial need against economic viability. With invited contributions from small and large-scale chemical and pharmaceutical companies, this book bridges the gap between academia and industry. Contributors discuss current processes, types of biocatalysts and improvements, industrial motivation and key aspects to economically succeed. With its focus on industry related issues, this book will be a useful tool for future research by both practitioners and academics.

From the book series:
Catalysis Series

Book content

  • An Appreciation of Biocatalysis in the Swiss Manufacturing Environment
  • Biocatalysis - A greener alternative in synthetic chemistry
  • Biocatalysis synthesis of small molecules – Past, present and future
  • EntreChem: Building a sustainable business case in biotechnology: from biocatalysis to synthetic biology
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb: Preparation of chiral intermediates for the development of drugs and API's
  • Johnson Matthey: A technology provider perspective to biocatalysis in the fine chemicals industry
  • EnzymeWorks: Recent advance in enzyme engineering for chemical synthesis
  • Almac: Scalable reduction and oxidation catalysis using ene-reductase enzymes
  • GSK: Biocatalyst discovery and optimization
  • PETROBRAS: Efforts on biocatalysis for fuels and chemicals production
  • Metgen: Value from Wood – Enzymatic Solutions
  • LentiKat’s: Industrial Biotechnology, Experiences and Visions
  • EnginZyme: Universal Enzyme Immobilization
  • Cross-linked Enzyme Aggregates (CLEAs): from Concept to Industrial Biocatalyst
  • SynBiocat: Protein purification, immobilization and continuous-flow processes
  • Microvi: MicroNiche EngineeringTM for Biocatalysis in the Water and Chemical Industries
  • Nofima: Peptide recovery and commercialization by enzymatic hydrolysis of marine biomass
  • CO2 Solutions: A biomimetic approach to mitigate CO2 Emissions – The use of Carbonic Anhydrase in an "Industrial Lung"

The print version of this book is planned for release on 09 November 2017. Information about this book is subject to change without notice.

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This book contains 512 pages.

Publication details

Copyright year: 2018
Print ISBN: 978-1-78262-619-0