Emerging investigators

Journal of Materials Chemistry A is proud to introduce this themed issue highlighting important work by scientists at the early stages of their careers in materials chemistry. Members of the Editorial Board provided a selection of researchers of merit and potential to be included in this issue. This has resulted in an impressive collection of research papers and review-type articles which we hope you enjoy reading.

This inaugural Emerging Investigators issue of Journal of Materials Chemistry A emphasises the important work being undertaken internationally in the field of materials chemistry. A special profile article profiling each emerging investigator is published in this issue (DOI: 10.1039/c4ta90043j). Topics highlighted include lithium-ion batteries, nanomaterials, supercapacitors, energy harvesting materials and photovoltaics.

We would like to congratulate the authors included in this issue for their contributions so far to advancing our field. We wish them every success in their on-going research and their future careers. We hope that this issue will allow for a valuable insight into the current and future research within the field of materials for energy and sustainability.

Dongyuan Zhao, Hiroshi Imahori and Liz Dunn

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